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What We Provide

     1.) Assessment and treatment of non-urgent medical problems.

     2.) Refills of most generic, non-narcotic prescriptions.

     3.) Routine labs to monitor medications and disease.

     4.) Screening for diabetes and high blood pressure.

     5.) Flu shots.

     6.) Consultations.

     7.) Help with obtaining assistance for potential insurance coverage.

     8.) Friendly and helpful health care providers that care about YOU.

What We Cannot Provide

     1.) Controlled substances.

     2.) Birth control.

     3.) Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease inhalers.

     4.) Sexually transmitted disease testing.

     5.) Routine immunizations or cancer screenings.

     6.) Lab tests for other providers.

     7.) X-rays, mammograms, or any specialized imaging.

     8.) Fracture care, including casting.

     9.) Obstetrical care.

   10.) Erectile dysfunction medications or low testosterone medications.  

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