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Thanksgiving Baskets Program: Spreading Joy and Unity

The Thanksgiving Baskets program at Saint Vincent de Paul Outreach embodies the spirit of gratitude and generosity during the holiday season. This heartwarming initiative reflects our commitment to ensuring that everyone in the community can enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving meal, regardless of their financial circumstances.


What We Provide

Through this program, we provide over 400 families with a basket containing everything they need to make a Thanksgiving meal. Each basket includes all the essentials for a festive and fulfilling celebration.



Pre-registration is required in October to participate in the Thanksgiving Baskets program. If you have any questions or need further information, please call us at (715) 387-0395.


Join Us in Spreading Joy

Thank you for helping us spread joy and unity within our community during this special time of year. Your support and participation make a significant difference, ensuring that every family can experience the warmth and joy of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Together, we can make this holiday season memorable for all.

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